Cannabis Industry Book Review – “The Mysteriously Light Dime Bag”

As edibles manufacturers, cultivators, extractors, cannabis retailers, and supporting businesses, we keep ourselves pretty busy knocking out tasks and running our operations. However, when you need a little break, there’s nothing like a good weed book for a pleasant distraction. “The Mysteriously Light Dime Bag,” part of the 420 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories is just the sort of beguilement to keep you in the cannabis mindset while also allowing for some fun escapism.

Technically, and according to the cover of the book, it is part of the “Nancy Drew Mystery Stories” and not the “420 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.” This may simply be a typo or an early printing that didn’t carry the “420” moniker. Or perhaps it was a later printing, when the war on cannabis was peaking and any mention of 420 was verboten. Whatever the case, it is truly a captivating tale that leads to the heart of the darker side of the cannabis industry, yet brings us back to a happy space, but let’s not give too much away, just yet.

The story begins with Nancy and a group of friends walking into your typical, shady, black market pop-up dispensary in Southern California. They were running late on their way to see a midnight screening of Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke and wanted to pick up a nice, heavy Indica before the show. Usually, they would have purchased their cannabis from a legit shop, but seeing how it was after hours, none of them were open.

Once in the store, a budtender approached them, looked left, then right and said in a whisper, “Hey, I can save you a few extra bucks. My friend grows and I have a few dime bags he wanted me to sample out. He just wants to cover his costs.”

Nancy and her friends, always looking to save a dollar, take the enterprising budtender up on the offer. After a hasty exchange, they’re soon headed to the show. On the way, Betty, the best roller in the group, pulled out some papers and reached into the sack, but to her dismay, her hand just kept going deeper and deeper into the bag.

“This bag is really light,” Betty exclaimed!

“That simply isn’t cool,” said Nancy and whipped the car around heading back toward the bootleg shop with the intent to lay some smack down. Unfortunately, once back at the scene of the crime, the unscrupulous budtender was nowhere to be found.

What’s an aspiring junior detective like Nancy to do, but go undercover. A few days later, Nancy got a job at the legal dispensary just across the street, so she could keep an eye out for the corrupt cannabis clerk.

Her role at the dispensary, based on past experience in the cannabis industry, is purchaser manager. She quickly sets the store up with a free Apex Trading account. She knows that sourcing wholesale cannabis from the top brands in her state is so much easier with Apex. Nancy had used Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis marketplace and wholesale needs request tools to find just the right growers to supply quality weight at an economical price. She then realized that without Apex Trading and trying to use other solutions, being a cannabis buyer for a retail shop was like getting a mysteriously light dime bag, but with Apex Trading, it was like a fat sack stuffed to the gills with the kind. What’s more, options like Pay Later let the dispensary get terms of up to Net 90 and use the Apex Trading ACH wire feature to reduce risk by keeping cash off the trucks. The wholesale cannabis producers on Apex Trading send easy-to-shop emailed menus and she’s even able to chat directly with the vendors on the Apex Trading platform to negotiate some sweet discounts.

After just a day or so, Nancy has nearly her entire workday, other than a few clicks here and there, covered by Apex Trading’s industry-leading software. That gives her plenty of time to stake out the illicit shop across the street. Soon, she’s ID’ed that rat-bastard lowlife who shorted her and her friends. She calls her homies, the Hardy Boys, and they come and give the strain swindler a serious thrashing.

If you’d like to learn more about how Apex Trading can help your business with inventory, order and sales management to win the hearts of people like Nancy Drew, we encourage to shoot us an email schedule a quick demo, or read more at

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