Great Read: Cannabis Industry Statistics for 2023 from FlowHub

The folks over at FlowHub have put together a great article on how the industry is performing and where it’s headed in 2023. You’ll find detailed information and data snapshots covering topics such as U.S. cannabis smoking rates by age group, consumption patterns, popularity of cannabis product categories, changes in the medical markets, price compression, industry employment, social equity, and so much more.

Here’s a list of the key findings from the article:

  • Young adults are more likely to try cannabis over cigarettes
  • 60% of cannabis consumers consider THC potency the leading factor when purchasing cannabis
  • The marijuana industry will add nearly $100 billion to the economy
  • Adult-use cannabis is now legal in 21 states
  • 88% of adults want to legalize weed
  • Nearly $3 billion in retail cannabis taxes were collected in 2022
  • Average retail cannabis prices have fallen approximately 20%

Click here to read the entire article – Cannabis Industry Statistics 2023: How the Industry is Performing and Where It’s Headed.

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