Massachusetts Retailers Looking for Premium Wholesale Extracts, Carts & Vape Pens – Look No Further than Coil Brothers

Nestled in the small farming community of Harvard, Massachusetts, some 25 miles west-northwest of Boston, you’ll find Coil Brothers, purveyors of expertly made, authentic cannabis extracts. With cannabis and cannabis concentrates being a relatively new industry, Coil Brothers is following in the footsteps of the non-traditional communities that have settled in Harvard such as the Harvard Shakers or the transcendentalist of the Fruitlands center.

However, unlike those unconventional and ill-fated organizations of the past, Coil Brothers are here to stay thanks, in part, to their commitment to crafting sustainable, clean, premium products as well as a dedication to helping build a more inclusive and responsible cannabis industry. Coil Brothers prioritizes partnerships with minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses. Additionally, they support and partner with local companies and community organizations as well as those who have been impacted by cannabis prohibition

To ensure the optimum product for consumers as well as their own friends and family, Coil Brothers employs rigorous standards in the crafting of their extracts and concentrates. Starting with the hand-picked cultivators who produce the finest raw cannabis, each and every partnering grower must provide test results that show no pesticides were used in cultivating the strains.

What’s more, the extracts, vape pens and rosins use no additives, no vitamin E acetate, and only cannabis-derived terpenes from the flower being used in production. The Coil Brothers team uses environmentally-friendly, science-driven CO2 and solventless processing with a focus on a small-carbon-foot, energy-efficient facility. The finished products are checked for potency and undergo stringent testing for mycotoxins, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals. They’ve even made their packaging partially recyclable. 

If you’re a licensed, wholesale cannabis retailer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the hunt for a consistent, premium line of cartridges, rosin and vape pens to stock your shelves and delight your customers, look no further than Coil Brothers. Click here to learn more about or connect directly with Coil Brothers.

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