B2B Cannabis Sales Data: State-Specific & National Wholesale Cannabis Snapshots for February 2023

With January and February in the rearview mirror, 2023 is warming up and the question is, how are wholesale cannabis sales doing, so far? Thankfully, Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis data snapshots are here to help us understand what’s up on both the national level as well as a few state-specific markets.

We provide these snapshots to the cannabis industry free of charge in the hopes that it will help the markets and businesses make sound decisions and thrive. Please note, we use actual order data, not survey data, to give you the most accurate view across several cannabis product categories. You’ll find an overview of cannabis product categories such as bulk and pre-packaged flower, extracts, pre-rolls and more, each with breakouts for minimum and maximum wholesale listing prices,, average wholesale selling prices and more.

You’ll find links to the free data snapshots for February 2023 linked at the bottom of the page. Click to access wholesale cannabis snapshots for Maine, Massachusetts and Oregon snapshots. There’s even a National view of wholesale cannabis data, ideal for cannabis MSOs (multi-state operators), consultants and investors.

These static glimpses of state and US wholesale cannabis data are just the tip of the iceberg on the info we have on industry trends. However, we feel confident they will be helpful to you as you navigate B2B cannabis.

If you’d like to learn more about Apex Trading, the data, or how our inventory, order and sales management tools are helping thousands of wholesale cannabis producers and retailers across the nation, we encourage you to schedule a call or sign up for a quick demo.

Here are those links: 

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Massachusetts February 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Maine February 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Oregon February 2023

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – National February 2023

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