Massachusetts Disadvantaged Business Enterprise List – Your Source for Finding Cannabis Businesses Who Need Your Support

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and starting a business in any industry, let alone the cannabis industry, can be quite challenging. However, cannabis industry workers and business owners recognize the struggle and we do our best to help those that need it most. That’s why Apex Trading has put together this list of Massachusetts licensed wholesale cannabis producers that fall into the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise categories. 

Within our Massachusetts Disadvantaged Business Enterprise list, you’ll find the names of minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses along with cannabis businesses owned by members of the LGBTQ community.  Further, we’ve included the producer license type, license number, and city where they’re based, so you can select local cannabis businesses to support. Helping these sorts of businesses is often referred to as “social equity” where systemic inequalities are taken into account to ensure everyone in a community, in our case, cannabis businesses, have access to the same opportunities and outcomes.

We will continue to create lists of cannabis businesses in other states that need help for you to reference or share with your colleagues in the industry. The cannabis industry has already made major impacts in the world of sports and health providing essential medicine to those who need it most. Supporting businesses in need is the next step to making our industry not just business, but a true community. Together we can make a difference and continue to spread the power of the plant to those that need it most.

To learn more Apex Trading’s commitment to the cannabis community or to find our how we’re helping thousands of wholesale cannabis producers and retailers with inventory, order and sales management, please browse through our site or request a demo here.

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