A Look at the Wholesale Data Percentage Change in the Cost Per Gram for Oregon

In addition to views of minimum, maximum and average prices for flower, extracts, carts and pre-roll, the Oregon wholesale cannabis data snapshots for May 2023 included a look at the percentage change in the cost per gram of flower. We’re going to take a little time here to dig a bit into what’s in that cost per gram chart.

This snapshot of the last 360 days helps us understand the overall health and direction of Oregon wholesale cannabis. While minimum sales prices per gram have seen a decline 25% over the past 360 days, the maximum sales price per gram has steadily crept up over the past 90 days, peaking at $5.51 and has seen a 14% increase across the past 360 days. The average price has remained relatively flat with a decline of just 4% over the past 360 days.

Over the past couple of years we’ve reported on some of the challenges the Oregon market faces. Looking at the cost per gram data, it feels as if Oregon wholesale cannabis is stabilizing. However, there is always the possibility of disruptions such as the aspergillus issue that could create further challenges for Oregon cultivators, so be cautious.

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