Dig In Deeper to Your Wholesale Cannabis Data with CannaBI Analytics

Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis business management software comes with a host of reports that let you get at your data and make smart decisions. You’ll find everything from product sales & performance, order reports, and Inventory reports to sales team activity, samples conversion, custom reporting, and more. This invaluable information helps you drive decisions that allow your cannabis business to thrive. 

Yet, what if you could take that data to the next level with easy-to-read visualizations of your reports, intuitive dashboards, presentations for your teams, integrations into other data sets, additional business rules, and so much more? Now you can, thanks to our partnership and help of industry-leading CannaBI Analytics.

Check out this overview video to get an idea of how CannaBI can help you reap even greater benefits of your Apex Trading software.

CannaBI Analytics

When you super-charge your Apex Trading data via the CannaBI engine, you’ll be able to visualize your data like never before. Drawing from a vast library of pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, heat matrices, tree maps, candlestick charts, heat maps, and more, you’ll be able to see and present critical data in ways that convince, motivate and reassure your team.  

Connecting Apex Trading to CannaBI is simple and straightforward. What’s more, CannaBI’s use of the Dimensional Insight platform lets you pull information from other sources to help you see the full picture. On top of that, CannaBI integrates with the Apex Trading platform to let you go beyond our reporting and delve even deeper into the goings-on of your wholesale cannabis operation. Further, CannaBI’s applications integrations tie everything together giving you unparalleled insights into the overall health of your organization across essential business functions.

Customizable and Out-of-the-Box Features that Enhance Apex Trading
– Inventory Management
– Sales Team Dashboards
– Sales Velocity Analysis
– Brand Management

Customizable and Out-of-the-Box Features that Go Beyond Apex Trading
– Documentation Storage
– Purchasing and Operations Analysis
– Regulatory Reporting
– Revenue and Expense
– Surveys

These beneficial features and functions come together to give you a single source of truth, improve performance, and even lower costs, much like Apex Trading, by streamlining ops and allowing you to get work done in one area rather than many.

Whether you’re using Apex Trading or not, CannaBI may be able to help you get a better look into your cannabis data, so we encourage you to take a look at their site or request a CannaBI demo here.

To learn more about how Apex Trading’s industry-leading inventory, order and sales management software can help you reduce operating expenses, streamline processes, and sell products more efficiently, please request a demo here

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