Sarah Patel Infuses THC with the Needs of Massachusetts Canna Moms Via Her Cannabis Beverage Brand Kelia

Apex Trading client and friend Sarah Patel was highlighted this week in Boston Magazine’s article, “The Real High Housewives of the MetroWest.” It’s a wonderful read that looks at a wide spectrum of topics around women and cannabis. There’s so much great content on the subject, from the removing of stigmas surrounding mothers and cannabis consumption to crafting products that work best for the demographic. What’s more, it’s all wrapped up with an educational, first-person narrative of the author’s inaugural trip to a dispensary.

Sarah is called out as “one of those pioneering women who’s figured out that there’s a market for women-centered cannabis products,” as realized by her brand, Kelia. The article touches on the three flavors of the cannabis beverage – grapefruit-ginger, pineapple-jalapeno and watermelon-coconut. Each low-calorie, noncarbonated beverage is infused with varying amounts of THC and focus on wellness targeting boosting metabolism, immunity and hydration. The article dives deeper into Sarah’s sound and sensible thinking in the development of her cannabis beverage brand and how it is suited to the needs of cannabis consuming women.

If you would like to learn more about Kelia “cannabis cordials with premium infused ingredients” click here. To read the full Boston Magazine article click here. To learn more about Apex Trading can help you with inventory, order and sales management while giving you the tools to own your brand experience, click here.   

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