Congratulations to the Remarkable Massachusetts 2023 Harvest Cup Winners

Last weekend was a big deal for the Massachusetts and greater New England cannabis community. The 2023 Harvest Cup was held in Worcester, MA. Drawing entries from across the state in more than a dozen categories, the Harvest Cup is “the premier New England cannabis competition.” And, the question was, who would be the 2023 Harvest Cup Winners?

Dozens of the region’s top cultivators, extractors, and edibles manufacturers put their best cannabis products in front of the discerning panel of judges. Here are the results:

Massachusetts 2023 Harvest Cup Winners

Sweet Edibles Winner: Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Bar – Nova Farms Meltdown
Sweet Edibles Runner Up: Harvest Granola – Boston Baked Corp

Sugar Confections Winner: Hashables Tropical Typhoon – Nova Farms
Sugar Confections Runner Up: Live Rosin Gummies Heirloom Peach from PAX

Savory Edibles Winner: Toasted Coconut & Chipotle Candied Cashews – Chef’s Cut Cannabis
Savory Edibles Runner Up: Everything Bagel Candied Bacon – Goofy Green Farms

Beverages Winner: Cape Cod Cranberry – Pine & Star
Beverages Runner Up: Blueberry Lemonade – Pine & Star

Syrups/Sauces/Condiments Winner: Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam – Goofy Green Farms
Syrups/Sauces/Condiments Runner Up: Chili Crisp – Goofy Green Farms

CBD-only Edibles Winner: Watermelon Lime Tajin Southie Sour – Southie Adams
CBD-only Edibles Runner Up: New England Maple & Scottish Whisky Peanut Brittle – Chef’s Cut Cannabis

CBD/THC Mixed Edibles Winner: Pineapple Dream – Nova Farms Zzzonked
CBD/THC Mixed Edibles Runner Up: Breakfast in Bed Gummy – Lazy River Products

Topicals Therapeutics Winner: Mush Love Your Feet Balm – Hippy Chick
Topicals Therapeutics Runner Up: Frozen Heat Balm – Alternative Compassion Services

Vape Winner: Sour Diesel BX4 Liquid Shatter – Sanctuary Medicinals
Vape Runner Up: Orange Creamsicle – Lazy River

PreRolls Winner: Juicee J – Lazy River Products
ReRolls Runner Up: Lemonz – Green Gold

PreRolls Infused Winner: Triple Monster Infused Goblin Punch – Triple M
PreRolls Infused Runner Up: Cannagar Chocolate Peaches – Triple M

Concentrates/Solvent Winner: Boston Stranglah Live Badder – Nimbus Cannabis Co.
Concentrates/Solvent Runner Up: Clementine Crack Cookies Badder – Dabscience

Concentrates/NonSolvent Winner: Nerdz Hash Rosin – Alto Jardin x Mamajs
Concentrates/NonSolvent Runner Up: Ice Cream Cookies Rosin – Freddy’s Headies

Other Terpene Winner (linalool dominant terpenes): Runtz – Ripple Wellness
Other Terpene Runner Up (pinene dominant terpenes): Stargazer – Pacha’s Select

Limonene Winner: Super Boof Cherry – Tower Three
Limonene Runner Up: Peach Milano – Shammanic Roots

Caryophyllene Winner: Duck Sauce – Gardens by GILF
Caryophyllene Runner Up: Zaza Grizz – Sparq Cannabis
Caryophyllene Runner Up: Zlushiez – Springtime
Caryophyllene Runner Up: Z Animal x Bully Kush – Mass Alternative Care

Myrcene Winner: Puna Punch – Lazy River Products
Myrcene Runner Up – Sundae Punch – Cranberry

Terpinolene Winner: Lemon Zephyr – Coastal Healing
Terpinolene Runner Up: Miracle Mints – Smyth Cannabis

Shout-out to all the Massachusetts 2023 Harvest Cup winners, runners-up, participants, and especially Apex Trading clients Mass Alternative Care, Pine & Star, Nimbus Cannabis Co., and Sanctuary Medicinals.

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