The mode Device – A New Modality for Cannabis Vape Cartridge Consumption

The modus operandi of cannabis vape cartridge consumption is changing thanks in part to mode – makers of a first-of–its-kind device. The mode is so much more than just a cartridge battery and lets you dial in and adjust your dosage down to the milligram with up to 92% accuracy.

What more, your mode connects to an iOS or android app giving you all sorts of consumption data. You can monitor what strains, how many milligrams, and at what time of day you’re consuming. The strain information details an overview of the strain type, cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and effects. Curious to know your routine with your cannabis consumption? The Consumption Analytics section of the app lets you drill down into not only how many milligrams you’re consuming per day, week or month, but also at what times of the day. You can also add your own comments to keep track of what’s working best for you.

Works with Standard 510 Threaded Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Further, its “Quick-Snap” technology lets you quickly insert standard 510 threaded carts – no screwing or twisting here. This means you can quickly and easily enjoy your favorite stains and brands without compromise. Features such as capacitive touch control and haptic feedback deliver a familiar, easy interface. Plus, the mode device boasts a USB type C charging system for fast, long-lasting power.

On top of all that, the mode device was engineered for your health and is completely upending conventional cannabis vape cartridge consumption. Unlike a lot of the junk out there, the mode is constructed from medical grade, inert and stable materials. This means no nasty or hazardous chemicals from inferior components entering your body.

mode has shipped devices to over 40 states and is now available for purchase across the US on the Apex Trading platform. This innovative device is ideal for medical patients who need to stay on top of their consumption. At the same time, it delivers a fun, fact-filled experience for casual consumers, too. Interested in stocking mode devices in your dispensary or retail outlet? Be sure to check out their profile and connect directly with the mode team by clicking here.

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