On the Hunt for Tasty Wholesale Cannabis Data? Dig Into the December 2023 Reports – Free

2023 may have come to a close, but we still have a little of last year’s business to attend to and that is the December 2023 wholesale cannabis data reports . You may recall that last month, we added a new California view for wholesale cannabis product costs. With that, in addition to understanding how packaged 8ths are doing in Massachusetts and Maine, how carts are performing in Oregon or Alaska, or how prerolls are selling across the US, you can dig into California’s wholesale cannabis product sales, too.

December 2023’s wholesale cannabis data snapshots are ready to roll with that info and more. You’ll find pricing data graphs tracking the state trends for an array of wholesale cannabis product categories including bulk flower, packaged flower, carts, extracts, distillate, live resin and more.  

What’s In Our Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshots

Whether you’re after a view of the entire US or breakout for states such as Alaska, Maine or Vermont, we’ve got snapshots that cover B2B cannabis sales data for the major cannabis product categories. We put together these free snapshots with the hope of helping your business make informed decisions with real data. That is, our data is derived from actual anonymized sales that are processed through our inventory and order management software. You won’t find any inaccurate survey data here, which is often and unfortunately the case with other wholesale cannabis data reporting.

The December 2023 wholesale cannabis report links can be found below. We’ve found that state operators and brands really find value in the individual state reports, while MSOs, consultants and other ancillary service providers enjoy the national view. However, the choice is yours on what you want to review.

These free wholesale cannabis data reports are just snapshots of a much bigger picture. We track loads of data points, from which terpenes and cannabinoid profiles sell best in which markets to whether or not hand or machine-trimmed flower is selling better, and everything in between. So feel free to reach out via demo request to hear more about what we know.

If you would like to learn more about our data, our wholesale cannabis business management tools and how we’re helping thousands of cannabis companies across the US, we encourage you to request a quick demo by clicking here.

Links to the December 2023 Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshots

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Alaska December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Montana December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Vermont December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Massachusetts December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Maine December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Oregon December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – California December 2023
Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – National December 2023

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