Want the Free Wholesale Cannabis Data Downlow for February 2024?

The end of Q1 is fast approaching, but how does the wholesale cannabis data for the middle month look? In the February 2024 snapshots, we’ll see how bulk flower did in Montana. How prerolls are moving in Maine, what’s up with extracts in Massachusetts, and so much more.

What Can You Expect to See in the Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshots?

The free February 2024 wholesale cannabis data snapshots let you see pricing trends for a slew of wholesale cannabis product categories. Whether it’s bulk flower, packaged 8ths, and prerolls or carts, extracts and distillate, Apex Trading delivers a view of wholesale pricing for those products and more. 

Why do we create these reports and send them to you, free of charge, whether you’re an Apex Trading customer or not? We do it because we want cannabis to succeed. If giving you these wholesale cannabis data reports help you make informed decisions with real data, we’re all for it.

Whether specific state market information on wholesale pricing trends help you or a national view better suits your needs, we got you. Further, our cannabis data is actual anonymized wholesale sales that flow through the Apex Trading platform. With this kind of data, you get a more precise picture than with survey data, which is often what we see with wholesale cannabis data reporting. 

example wholesale cannabis data snapshot

Follow the links below to get access to the February 2024 wholesale cannabis reports. State operators and local brands say they find value in the individual state reports. MSOs, consultants and other ancillary service providers get more out of the national view. Whatever your needs, the choice is yours, and the reports are free, so you can check them all out.

These snapshots are just a peek at the depth of our wholesale cannabis data. We have scads of cannabis industry data points. We have a good idea of whether or not hand or machine-trimmed flower sells better, what terpenes and cannabinoid profiles are most popular in what market,, which strains are moving fastest and which are slowing down, and much more.

Want to learn more about our data, our wholesale cannabis business management tools and how we’re helping thousands of cannabis companies across the US? Request a quick demo by clicking here.

Your Links to the February 2024 Wholesale Cannabis Data Reports
Alaska – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
Montana – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
Vermont – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
Massachusetts – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
Maine – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
Oregon – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
California – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot
National – February 2024 Wholesale Snapshot

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