Automated Wholesale Cannabis Compliance

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License, ingredients and COAs attached with every order

If you’ve been in the business of selling wholesale cannabis for more than a minute, you are more than aware that compliance and all of the associated documentation can really sap the fun out of things. Chasing down ingredients, COAs and licenses can delay orders and sour relationships. Moreover, missing compliance documents on orders can create major legal issues for both buyers and sellers.

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Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis order management system to the rescue! We built our system to ensure that all wholesale cannabis licensing, testing docs, ingredient lists, COAs, anything required by your state cannabis regulatory commission is included with each and every order. All documentation required for a wholesale cannabis transaction is automatically attached to an order and is delivered to all required parties.

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Wholesale cannabis sellers and buyers across the country have discovered just how easy wholesale cannabis compliance can be. In fact, we’ve gathered slews of testimonials from cannabis businesses in Oregon, Colorado and Nevada, to name just a few, telling us how much they value what we’ve built for them.

What’s more, automated wholesale cannabis compliance is just one aspect of our essential suite of wholesale cannabis software. You’ll also find wholesale cannabis inventory management, order management, buyer management buyer management, sales tools, custom online wholesale menus and more. All of these vital wholesale cannabis management tools are bundled for just $199/month. See pricing here.

If making wholesale cannabis compliance easier while also improving your ordering, inventory and selling processes makes sense to you, why not schedule a quick demo? Sign up below for more details.

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