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Purchasing Wholesale Cannabis Flower, Extracts & Edibles Has Never Been Easier

Buying cannabis at the wholesale level can certainly have its challenges. Inaccurate inventory, lack of standardized ordering, chasing down compliance documentation, lack of centralized data and more can be a costly time-suck for dispensaries.

Apex Trading to the rescue! We’ve all but eliminated cumbersome and inaccurate inventory spreadsheets. We’ve streamlined and standardized ordering processes and ensured all compliance docs come with your orders. Plus, one-stop shopping, 24/7 from phone, laptop or tablet, is ridiculously easy. What’s more, our Customer Success Team is at the ready to help make introductions and resolve issues. Heck, they’ll even help you track down the products you’re after, if you can’t find them via our buyer sourcing tools.

All of this - one-stop shopping, reliable inventory, pricing transparency, streamlined ordering and more - are at your fingertips for FREE when you create an Apex Trading Buyer account.

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