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Post your wholesale cannabis inventory on your site directly out of Apex Trading™

Having your wholesale cannabis inventory posted to your website is key to capturing leads and helping current customers know what you have available. That’s why Apex Trading™ created the Wholesale Cannabis Menu Widget. This handy feature lets you post a live menu of your products directly to your website.

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This menu is driven by Apex Trading’s Inventory Management software, so you can display images, THC percentages, production methods and so much more. Your current clients and potential customers can easily see what’s available on your site.

Just like our entire wholesale cannabis platform, we’ve made the menu widget easy to use. Implementation on your website takes just minutes and we’ll even help you along the way, if necessary.

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Sellers from states across the nation are generating leads when traffic hits their websites. Check out what these wholesale cannabis sellers and retailers have to say on our Apex Trading™ reviews page.

The wholesale cannabis menu widget is just one aspect of the Apex Trading™ wholesale cannabis software suite. You’ll also find order management , inventory management, CRM features and more. And, it’s all bundle at price that’s a heck of a lot less than what you’d expect to pay in monthly broker’s fees. Check out our affordable pricing packages here.

If having a live wholesale cannabis menu on your site sounds interesting to you, please sign up for a quick demo below. At the very least, you’re sure to learn something that will help your business during the demo and we’re happy to answer any questions about wholesale cannabis in general.

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