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One of the most important aspects of building your wholesale cannabis company is creating awareness about your brand and developing lasting relationships with wholesale purchasers. Regardless of whether you want your brand to be known by cannabis consumers or not, you’ll certainly want your brand to be highly recognized by wholesale cannabis buyers.

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When you choose Apex Trading™, you’ll not only have an extensive array of tools to help your wholesale cannabis operation thrive, but you’ll also have resources to help you promote your cannabis brand. One of these resources is your Branded Public Profile page.

This secure online page features an overview of your company, images, menus and more. For example, if you’re a wholesale cannabis cultivator, you can list your curing method, drying method, trim method, harvest cycle, grow medium, grow environment, anything that helps you sell your product. And, the choice to show any of these aspects of your business is entirely up to you.

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When it comes to your public menu, you can list details about your product, but there is no need to expose your prices at this point in the relationship. Talking about wholesale cannabis pricing comes after the introduction to your company. This helps to ensure the right price for the right buyer. Your wholesale cannabis menu can be filtered by the products that you offer - flower, prerolls, extracts, cartridges, etc.

Once a prospective wholesale buyer reviews the details about your company and sees the products on your menu, they can contact you directly from your profile page. Wholesale cannabis sellers throughout the country have found the Branded Public Profile to be an excellent lead generation tool. Check out some of their gracious comments here.

Of course, the Branded Public Profile page is just one piece of the Apex Trading™ wholesale cannabis software suite. You’ll also find wholesale order management, cannabis inventory management and much more, all at price that would likely embarrass even the most reasonable broker.

If having these tools and more sounds like something that would benefit your wholesale cannabis operation, please schedule a demo below.

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