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Admit it - sometimes, even in our idyllic cannabis industry, working with others can be challenging. This is especially true when roles aren’t clearly defined. People don’t have a clear understanding of where their lane ends and another’s begins.

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Part of Apex Trading’s mission centers around making sure we do all we can to make working in our industry a pleasure. It’s really what this plant is all about. So, when we were building our wholesale cannabis software, we created an array of robust permissions to help companies define roles and assign proper access for the appropriate features. No stepping on toes here.

You’ll find company-level roles that allow for brand management, licenses management, visibility to reporting, even the assigning of roles and more. There are buyer permissions and seller permissions that let you toggle on and off how much info your teams can access. There are dozens of ways to set up your team for success. At the same time, we’ve built the interface for assigning roles to be ridiculously straightforward, so you’re not wasting time figuring things out and are instead spending time simplifying and improving your processes.

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Our user permissions create process automation across every department that has their hands in wholesale cannabis. From inventory and sales to fulfillment and accounting, the Apex Trading™ platform communicates to each and as they carry out functions reports back to other departments so they can take the remaining steps for an order.

These robust user permissions are just the icing on the cake that is our wholesale cannabis management platform. Additionally, you’ll find wholesale cannabis order management software, inventory management tools, 3rd-party software integrations, and so much more. And, it’s all bundled together for price that would make even the most honest broker blush. See pricing here.

If having total control of your user permissions and/or having a better grasp on your order, inventory and sales processes sounds interesting, please schedule a quick, yet informative, demo below.

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