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Managing a single wholesale cannabis buyer can be challenging. Remembering what they like, when they prefer to buy, what sorts of discounts they’ve earned, contacting them, the list goes on. Further, some may order via phone or text while others may want to shoot you an email. When you have 5, 10 or 100+ buyers, those challenges grow exponentially.

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All of the work that goes into managing your wholesale cannabis buyers creates the need for additional employees, allows for delays in the ordering process, and can ultimately lead to a negative customer experience for the people you need to please the most. What’s more, the inefficiencies that come when you don’t have some sort of buyer management in place are guaranteed to be costly to your bottom line.

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Thankfully, Apex Trading’s suite of wholesale cannabis software tools covers buyer management and then some. Whether it’s our wholesale inventory management software, order management software or automated compliance tools, taking care of your wholesales buyers has never been easier. All of these tools are bundled into one easy-to-use platform that costs less per month than the average broker fee on a single transaction. See pricing here.

We found that both wholesale cannabis sellers and buyers love the way our tools have standardized their businesses. Sellers get to focus on what they really got into the business for in the first place - growing this amazing plant. And, buyers enjoy knowing what to expect when interacting with their sellers. In fact, we have loads of testimonials from buyers and sellers across the US telling us just how much they appreciate what we’ve built for them.

If the thought of wrangling in your wholesale cannabis buyer management processes sounds like a good idea that will lead to better customer service, improved workflows for your team, and savings for your bottom line, why not schedule a quick demo? Sign up below for more details.

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