In 2017, California cannabis lovers were thrilled to welcome a legislation change with Senate Bill 94 that empowered adult cannabis users. With the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis, California residents have been able to enjoy access to a wide range of wonderful cannabis products. Given the interest, it is no surprise that the industry has continued to grow.

Already, this growing appreciation in cannabis has created an area of opportunity for cannabis growers. There is a distinct interest in these products among California residents, making it a better time than ever for cannabis growers, as well as others in the industry, to enter the market.

With this change, there is a need for better wholesale business management. Given the growth of the cannabis industry, companies are feeling the pressure to really get their businesses in order. At Apex Trading™, we are hoping to make it easier than ever for businesses in the industry to do exactly that.

Founded in Portland Oregon, we are leaders in the technology push that is currently surrounding the cannabis industry. Our wholesale cannabis software has been designed for cannabis companies around the United States and is especially suited for California cannabis producers and retail buyers. Every part of our system has been created to suit the real-world needs that cannabis businesses encounter.

With our powerful inventory, order and sales management system, you will gain access to a wide range of tools designed for the B2B cannabis industry. Our tools help business owners to run more effectively and even make it easy for you to grow your business too.

Increasing Your Brand’s Presence

The cannabis industry is growing—and fast!

Given this change, there is growing interest in joining the industry in California. While that is great news for consumers, it can lead to quite a bit of competition for those looking to make it in the industry. More competition means that you need to make your business stand out, and we have just the right solutions.

Growing your brand presence means being able to catch the eye of your customers. A lot of cannabis companies offer similar products, so how do you make your brand stand out? Easy - a great custom, shoppable storefront.

Using our system, buying and selling California wholesale cannabis have never been easier. We give you the ability to completely customize your storefront to suit your distinct brand. Our system puts the power of branding in your hands, and also offers support for menus, visible pricing, and even product sets. We put the power of your customer’s experience in your hands and even offer support for customer communications.

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Cultivating Leads

For a modern business, cultivating leads is the basis of success.

If you aren’t able to generate and cultivate new leads, your business will be sorely lacking in customers. Lead generation is the biggest way to ensure that you have a growing business. You need to be able to reach your customers and we can help.

The wholesale cannabis industry is filled with eager customers, but before you can reach them, you will need to make a point of connection. We provide you with an easy-to-use marketplace that makes finding potential wholesale buyers a seamless process. Our platform gives you tools to access to find new customers and nurture existing ones.

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Inventory Management Made Simple

Tracking inventory is a complete nightmare, if you don’t have the right tools. With Apex Trading™, it has never been easier to keep your product supply in good order. We provide the perfect solution so that you always know your wholesale cannabis inventory is accurate from one transaction to the next, not like working off of out-of-date spreadsheets.

Our system makes it possible to manage and monitor your transactions, keep an eye on your inventory levels, and gain in-depth understanding via reporting. With Apex Trading™, you will never lose track of your products. Even better, you will gain valuable insights into your sales strategies to help improve your business.

Transparent Market Pricing Insights

Everyone needs to know where their competitors are in order to provide competitive prices. The wholesale cannabis business is no different. With our market pricing insights, you can develop the ideal pricing strategy for your cannabis products and market to gain and retain more customers with ease.

At Apex Trading™, we give you the ability to understand the retail pricing associated with cannabis in your area. Our data on wholesale prices will help you learn to be more competitive, so you can grow your business and make more money too.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

Being on top of your reporting is an important part of remaining compliant as a wholesale cannabis buyer or seller. We make it easy to stay on top of your orders with simple tools—and we even offer Quickbooks integration for those who already have it as a preferred platform.

We are able to provide you with everything that you need whether it is invoicing, order management, or financial tracking. In one simple platform, you have direct access to everything that you need to know about your sales. It makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date--your accountant will thank you later.

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Why Apex Trading™?

Apex Trading™ is dedicated to making wholesale cannabis sales easy for California companies. We provide a single interface that has been designed to make it possible for you to run your business in a concise and simple way. With access to all of these features, you will find that managing and growing your business is just another part of your day. Say goodbye to the headaches and see how we can help you start improving your processes today.

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