Florida has been at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry since 2016. Also, the Florida Supreme Court is being pressured to legalize recreational cannabis in the next couple of years. Undoubtedly, the cannabis industry will continue its rise in the Sunshine State once this occurs, as hundreds of thousands of Floridians recently signed an initiative to legalize recreational use.

Cannabis growers are being faced with great new opportunities to tap into the “green rush.” The interest of Floridians in the plant is enticing many cultivators to enter the market.

With this widespread interest and eventual growth, there is a need for better wholesale business management. In order to keep your business one step ahead of the competitor, your business needs to be operating at full speed. At Apex trading™, we strive to make it easier for cannabis businesses to do just that.

Apex Trading™ was founded in Portland, Oregon, but is helping thousands of cannabis companies in all legal US markets. All across the country, businesses trust us as their go-to software platform. We are well-suited to streamline processes for Florida cannabis producers and retail buyers. Our system has been meticulously crafted by experts in the tech and cannabis worlds to make sure that your business’ needs are met.

With our powerful order, inventory, and sales management system, you will have access to a wide arsenal of tools that will help you not only navigate, but thrive in the B2B cannabis industry. Time is money, and Apex Trading can help you save both by running your processes more efficiently.

Show Off Your Brand

You have spent hours developing your brand and values. Don’t let that go to waste! Your customers want to see specific descriptions about you and your product. By sharing this info, your customers will remember who you are, even after you complete their orders. With our customizable menus, your customers will finally have access to this info.

We give you full creative control over your profile, menu and storefront pages on our platform. You can put your branding on each and every page - reminding your B2B customers who their favorite FL cannabis business is. Customize your colors, product descriptions, images, and more. Your branded menu can be entirely yours.

Inventory Management at its Finest

Inventory tracking causes headaches for business owners everywhere. Without the tools you need, updating and following your inventory accurately is beyond difficult. Thankfully, Apex Trading™ has a solution to make sure your wholesale cannabis inventory is always accurate.

WIth our real time inventory software, your numbers will update automatically with each transaction. You can finally get rid of those pesky, dated spreadsheets and tedious Excel formulas. What’s more, using this tool will allow you to gain valuable insights to your sales strategies - helping you improve your business.

Staying Competitive with Market Pricing Insights

Knowing where your competitors stand helps you develop an idea of where you want your business to be. When pricing your cannabis, having market insights is crucial to keep your business competitive. You will finally be able to develop your idealized pricing strategy and market to gain & retain more customers.

With Market Pricing Insights from Apex Trading™, you can research and compare prices of other producers in your area. WIth this, you can be more competitive and make more money.

Quickbooks Integration and Rapid Order Processing (ROP)

Being in control of your reporting is vital to be in good standing as a compliant wholesale cannabis buyer or seller. Your orders will all be tracked with simple tools - and we even offer Quickbooks integration for businesses who already use it as a preferred platform.

Make your accountant’s, op’s manager’s and sales director’s day. In one simple platform, you can track and manage inventory, orders and invoicing, financials, product performance, sales performance and more.. When tax day rolls by, you’ll be glad you have access to everything.

Apex Trading™ is trusted by these California industry leaders

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