On November 8, 2016, Maine was one of the first nine states to join in on the legalization of cannabis. The medical and retail cannabis market, from Bangor to Portland, has continued to grow in the state for some time, with many talented wholesale cannabis companies joining the scene. In the years since, it has only become more common for new companies to join the scene. With this shift, there is an increase in competition.

With so many wholesale cannabis companies entering the Maine market, it is important to have the right tools for the job. Businesses must be able to manage everything ranging from their inventory, to sales, all the way to storefront and presentation. There are a variety of components that combine to create a well-oiled machine in this industry, which means that you need a little extra support.

We founded Apex Trading™ as a way to support wholesale cannabis companies in all legal markets including Maine. There is a bright future for the cannabis industry, and as more states legalize, more companies need help getting the job done right. With our one-stop system, you can completely manage your wholesale company with a single software platform.

Our inventory, order and sales management solutions are made to make it easy for you to stay on top of your cannabis business operations. We believe that with the right tools, any cannabis wholesale producer can thrive in this blossoming industry. Our software has support for sales, storefront creation, customer connection, and so much more.

It isn’t easy to run a business by yourself or a small staff, but with the right tools, it’s entirely possible - we’ve seen it. Using a single system and interface, we empower business owners in the cannabis industry to take complete control of their needs.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Retail dispensaries throughout Maine don’t just want to work with any wholesale cannabis company, they want to work with the best. With our system, we empower you to take complete control of how potential customers perceive your business We provide you with simple tools that help you make a clear and easy-to-navigate storefront, and we’ve designed so that it will keep your brand out front.

Standing out often means being able to show off what makes your brand unique. With our branding support, you can easily get started on making your brand shine from the Midcoast to the Highlands with the right colors and details for your storefront. Better yet, we make it easy for you to create custom menus and pricing options to suit the needs of your customers. If they have any questions, the system also offers support for customer inquiries.

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Getting Leads

Wholesale cannabis companies need customers before they can be successful. Apex Trading™ is designed to make it easier than ever for you to find and land those leads. By providing you with the tools to stand out in the vendor marketplace, we empower you to jump out and catch customers in real-time.

With Apex Trading™, finding customers is simple. You can reach out directly in the marketplace, or find them by sending out your storefront links. You can even use a website menu widget to capture customers on your own website.

Start generating the leads you need.

Manage Your Inventory with Ease

Inventory tracking is often considered to be boring and complicated. With Apex Trading™, it has never been easier. Our software empowers you to stay on top of your inventory by making it easy for you to do so. With our real-time inventory tracking, you always know where your business is at on sales.

Our simple approach to tracking keeps you aware of your inventory at all times, whether you’re selling products to cannabis retailers in Kennebec and Moose River Valleys or Downeast and Acadia . With simple reporting and insights, you always know how your business is doing. With these easy insights, you know what is working in your sales strategy and what isn’t.

Understand Market Pricing with Insights

Being on top of the Maine market price fluctuations will play a large role in your business’s success. Wholesale cannabis companies are always competing with one another. A major consideration for this is pricing. Apex Trading™ enables you to see market pricing in real-time and offers insights to help you to price accordingly. With this information, you will always be prepared to remain competitive.

Order Processing Simplified with Quickbooks Integration

Most companies struggle with the monotony of maintaining strong financial records. Apex Trading™ aims to change that by providing simple tracking and reporting that keeps you informed. With integration from Quickbooks, it is easy to know where your business stands.

Apex Trading™ was designed to make business practices easy for wholesale cannabis companies. By providing simple and detailed reporting, we empower you to feel confident when tax season rolls around. You will always know where your Maine business stands, as well as how well your business performed.

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Get Started Today

Apex Trading™ was made for wholesale cannabis companies looking to improve their business practices. We provide tools that are made to empower businesses in this industry because we believe in its future.

Using our software, you can take complete control of your business and start reaching the customers across the great state of Maine. To learn how to get started, contact us directly and see how we can help you improve your business practices. With one simple system, managing your business is now the easiest part of your day. We put in the work on our side so you can focus on doing what you do best: making great products.

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