Michigan’s wholesale cannabis industry has been at the forefront of medical marijuana in the Midwestern region. Now, as the Wolverine State brings on adult use cannabis, it will be more important than ever to dial in your business processes. Apex Trading™ has created a suite of wholesale cannabis business management software to help Michiganians excel in the new recreational cannabis market.

Wholesale cannabis distributors, cultivators, extractors, as well as edibles and topical manufacturers across the state can improve their business ops with cannabis inventory, order and sales management tools designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Because our software has been built from the ground up solely for wholesale cannabis producers, you’ll find features that frankly aren’t a part of mainstream wholesale business software. In fact, most of our competitors have simply converted mainstream software and have left out critical elements unique to cannabis.

Why did we build our wholesale cannabis software to focus so much on the needs of the cannabis industry? It’s because the Apex Trading™ team has been working in wholesale cannabis since its earliest days. We’ve been in emerging cannabis markets since their beginning stages and have supported them as they’ve matured. We have been active participants and understand how cannabis compliance, ordering and sales have and will evolve. That’s why our wholesale tools are in a continuous state of refinement to meet the explicit needs as a cannabis market grows. Having real-world experience in both medical and adult-use cannabis markets and what those transitions look like gives us an edge for helping your wholesale business succeed. Whether you’re running a wholesale cannabis business in Detroit or Ann Arbor, Lansing or Grand Rapids, even in the Upper Peninsula, our wholesale cannabis software can help you connect and transact with other cannabis businesses with relative ease.

Thanks to our experience in mature and emerging cannabis markets, we and our clients have recognized that access to market-wide pricing data gives wholesale sellers and wholesale buyers a competitive advantage. Understanding the latest and historic wholesale cannabis pricing is fundamental to making intelligent business decisions. The upshot of informed wholesale cannabis business decisions creates relationships founded in trust and are often stronger and longer lasting. Beyond the solid relationships, price transparency can result in increased sales and better margins. On top of that, our wholesale cannabis software creates an environment for greater understanding and control of wholesale cannabis inventory, invoicing, order management. Plus, utilizing straightforward and standardized invoicing and documentation formats saves your team time, money and effort.

This standardization of your processes is one of the things Apex Trading™ clients find most compelling about our wholesale cannabis platform. Cumbersome, outdated, inaccurate spreadsheets are replaced by automated cannabis inventory, easy-to-reviews order history, and quick-access compliance documentation. Plus, seed-to-sale and Quickbooks integrations help you tie your entire wholesale cannabis business together. Finally, you can find new wholesale buyers through Apex Trading’s vendor marketplace and get greater performance from existing buyers via the branded, live menus. What’s more, the menus can be tailored with custom pricing and product sets, based on your relationship with your customers.

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