Wholesale cannabis producers across Nevada are discovering an easier way to run their cultivation and manufacturing facilities. Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis management software gives you a suite of order, inventory and sales management tools designed expressly for the B2B cannabis industry.

Nevada’s wholesale cannabis industry has seen an amazing amount of growth in a short period of time. As competition gets tighter, it’s more important than ever to optimize and streamline your cannabis business. Nevada’s top wholesale cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers, and wholesale cannabis distributors have recognized the advantage of having cannabis-specific software working for them to create efficiencies and improve their bottom lines.

The Apex Trading™ team has years of experience working in medical and adult-use cannabis markets. This invaluable knowledge of wholesale cannabis has allowed us to curtail tools that are ideal for the Nevada market. Whether you’re based out of Las Vegas, Henderson or Reno, we’ve developed software modeled on real-world expertise. Our tools let you gain access to Nevada’s smaller cannabis markets and capitalize on the central hub of Las Vegas to sell more products with greater efficiency.

One key aspect to selling wholesale cannabis more efficiently in the Nevada market is understanding how to price your cannabis products. Apex Trading’s data insights give wholesale cannabis producers and their retail buying counterparts a better grasp of current and historic wholesale cannabis pricing. This allows both sellers and buyers ensure they’re getting the most for their dollar. Whether you buy for a store or grow flower, extract concentrates, produce edibles, or sell clones and trim, you’ll be sure to improve your margins and/or increase your volume with Apex Trading™. But, it doesn’t stop at creating cannabis price transparency. You’ll have a better handle on inventory and order history, compliance documents and invoices, all straightforward and standardized to make your life in the wholesale cannabis industry easier.

If you’re buying or selling within the greater Las Vegas area - Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise and Spring Valley, or farther out in Primm, Pahrump, Lake Tahoe, and Carson City, you’ll find the ease of ordering through your Apex Trading™-powered system to be refreshing. You’ll toss out those old spreadsheets and replace them with automated compliance, easy-to-reviews order history, METRC and Quickbooks integrations, the list of efficiencies goes on. Plus, finding Nevada-produced cannabis products on Apex Trading™ is easy thanks to the vendor marketplace and live menus that you can send directly to buyers. These menus are customizable, branded and shoppable with pricing and product sets tailored specific Nevada retail cannabis buyers, based on their ordering history and preference.

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