On November 3, 2020, New Jersey residents voted to legalize cannabis for regular use. With this historic change, cannabis wholesale producers and retailers are looking to enter the space immediately. Like many other states, New Jersey can look forward to a growing cannabis industry that will suit the needs of many happy customers.

To support this historic change, New Jersey wholesale cannabis businesses need to be ready to show the local government that this change can work. In order to do this, companies need to be on top of their paperwork. More importantly, they need to be ready to connect with interested customers and suit the needs of this key market. The only problem is that the business side of the cannabis industry can be a little messy.

Apex Trading™ is a company that was founded based on the idea that these businesses would need support. Our group has created a completely custom software system that is specifically designed to make it easy for cannabis wholesale producers to comfortably run their operation.

With our core system, wholesale cannabis managers and owners can take complete advantage of every aspect of their business. Everything from sales to client outreach is covered, and it is all very easy to use. We see a future for cannabis that is as clear and organized as any other industry, so we designed our system to support that effort.

Our wholesale cannabis management system was made for people in the industry with direct input from the industry itself. We know from direct experience how cannabis businesses operate and have created this system in order to support the sale of cannabis all around the United States.

We are here to help grow the B2B cannabis industry, and we aim to make running your business easier than ever before.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Before you can be a successful cannabis brand, in New Jersey or anywhere else, you must be able to find your customers. Increasing brand awareness is the quickest way to ensure that customers know who you are and where to find you. With our system, you can give your brand awareness a much-needed boost and reach the people who want what you sell.

Online marketplaces are okay for raising awareness, but you still need the right tools to stand out. We aim to make it easy for you to share your brand with the world by giving you the right tools to show off what makes you special. Our platform offers complete support for branding and allows you to create a completely customizable shop to suit the needs of your customers.

Everything from importing branding colors and designs, all the way to customer service communications are available in our software. You can manage your entire store from one simple system, giving you complete control over menus, pricing, design, and more.

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Generate The Leads You Need

Before you can make it as a wholesale cannabis retailer, you need to find clients. Our support for lead generation can easily give you an advantage over the competition. New Jersey’s cannabis market is just getting started, so why not scoop up all of those eager customers that are waiting for you?

Apex Trading™ supports lead generation by helping you find potential buyers in the vendor marketplace. We enable you to share storefront links and make it possible for you to show off your menu to potential customers.

Start generating the leads you need.

Easy Inventory Management

When you work as a wholesale cannabis seller, it is up to you to manage your inventory. There is room for very little error in this area. With Apex Trading™, it has never been easier to keep an eye on your inventory. We offer complete real-time product status, so you always know your inventory is accurate.

With our inventory management, you can focus on tracking your sales, managing your inventory, and even gleaning valuable sales insights.

Market Pricing Insights

Knowing how your competition is pricing is crucial for remaining competitive in any industry. With our insights, you can take advantage of knowing what the going rate is for all types of products in the New Jersey market. This can help you to know the right price to charge on a daily basis, making it easy to stay competitive.

By increasing your understanding of the industry, we empower you to make the money that you deserve. You will always know what works and what doesn’t, regardless of product type.

Order Processing with Quickbooks Support

Keeping your finances in order is a crucial part of the cannabis industry and there is little room for error. With our order processing solutions, Apex Trading™ enables you to track sales in a simple way. We give you the ability to make simple reports and keep your accounting all in one place.

Our goal is to make your regular income reports easy. We want you to have a simple and happy tax season, and we work hard to make it possible. With Quickbooks integration, revenue management can be kept in one place.

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Get Started with Apex Trading™

At Apex Trading™, we want New Jersey’s wholesale cannabis producers and retailers to enjoy their work producers and retailers to enjoy their work. We are here to support you every step of the way so that you can generate new leads, appeal to customers, and stay in control of your business in every single way. Simplify your process by partnering with us and see just how easy it is to start growing your business. Having one system to manage everything makes it easier for everyone involved, and we are always happy to help.

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