New Mexico

Dare we say it - New Mexican cannabis is as hot as Hatch chiles. On June 29, 2021, the Cannabis Regulation Act made the possession of up to two ounces of cannabis, or the equivalent 16 grams of concentrates, legal in the state of New Mexico. Wholesale cannabis producers from Albuquerque to Las Cruces opened their doors and began crafting products for eager consumers.

However, managing a wholesale cannabis business, whether in New Mexico or anywhere else, is a lot more than just “growing weed” and no one is more familiar with this than Apex Trading. We’ve been servicing and observing legal cannabis markets across the country for years and have developed the tools cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers and distributors need to thrive.

Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis software is available for B2B cannabis companies across New Mexico and delivers inventory, order and sales management tools that are sure to save your company time, money and effort.

Our state-of-at and ever-evolving software has been developed by in-industry experts based on our years of experience in legal cannabis markets across the country. Our deep understanding of medical and adult-use cannabis has allowed us to create the features that the New Mexico market needs to best run your business.

From Farmington on down to Carlsbad, New Mexico cannabis producers and wholesale buyers alike will be stoked to have the automated, live inventory, easy-to-access order history and sales reporting, compliance documents and more. No more clumsy spreadsheets and scribbled notes to track down.

Further, having the ability to send tailored menus across the Land of Enchantment with custom pricing for your buyers saves you time and creates an unrivaled, B2B shopping experience. Plus, with the Apex Trading marketplace, New Mexico wholesale cannabis sellers can find new buyers and motivated buyers can find new wholesale sources.

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