With more 7,300 cannabis business licenses approved in the first year, Oklahoma is poised to be one of the most competitive wholesale cannabis markets out there. In fact, of those licenses, 4,300 are growers permits. With that many players, the wholesale cannabis cultivators that are going to survive will need to have tools that give their B2B cannabis operations an upperhand. Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis business management software is just the ace in the hole you need. It’s loaded with the cannabis inventory, order and sales management tools needed to succeed in the wholesale cannabis industry.

Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, of course, will stretch well beyond cultivation. Wholesale cannabis distributors, extractors, edibles manufacturers, topical producers, genetics companies and more are sure to benefit from Apex Trading’s wholesale management tools. Having software created specifically for the wholesale cannabis industry will drive efficiency and improve your bottom line, from seed to sale.

Apex Trading™ isn’t just winging it. Our team has been working wholesale cannabis for years and has built and refined our business management tools based on our experience across multiple markets. The decades of combined experience in both medical and adult-use cannabis markets gives us the insights needed to develop the tools best suited for the Oklahoma cannabis industry as it grows. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa or numerous smaller markets sprinkled across the state, Apex Trading’s wholesale software helps the Oklahoma cannabis industry buy and sell more products with greater efficiency.

Apex Trading’s operations in mature cannabis markets have proven that pricing data gives wholesale sellers and buyers an advantage. Familiarity of the going rates for wholesale cannabis products is key to making informed decisions and ultimately business reviews. This pricing transparency allows companies to improve margins and increase sales volume. What’s more, Apex Trading’s cannabis management software gives you tighter control of your wholesale cannabis inventory, order history, compliance documents and invoices with straightforward and standardized formatting to make buying and selling wholesale cannabis a breeze.

From Broken Arrow to Broken Bow, Muskogee to Lawton and everywhere in between, you’ll find that streamlining your sales and inventory ops saves you time, money and effort. And, if you’ve been working off of spreadsheets, you’ll find that replacing them with automated inventory, order history, compliance documentation makes work so much easier, Couple that with Quickbooks and other integrations and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without Apex Trading. Last, but certainly not least, Apex Trading’s vendor marketplace and branded, live menus let both buyers or sellers transact with greater speed and efficiency.

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