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Purchasing wholesale cannabis in California has never been easier thanks to Apex Trading. The Apex Trading software platform delivers a standardized ordering process, guaranteed accurate inventory, market pricing transparency, all required docs, and so much more, from the Emerald Triangle all the way down to San Diego and everywhere in between.

Thousands of wholesale cannabis purchasers across the country trust Apex Trading to create efficiencies with ordering. What’s more, not only do California cannabis purchasing managers get better tools and processes for ordering, but they also can find new products and brands via the Vendor Discovery and Wholesale Needs modules.

With the Vendor Discovery piece, you can easily search by product category such as Flower and product type such as A Bud. You can even drill into strain name, cultivar type, trimming method, grow environment and more. And if you couldn’t find what you’re looking for, our handy Wholesale Needs tool lets you put requests out to all sellers in the California market.

Admit it, California weather is fantastic and there are quite a few things we could be doing with our time instead of sitting in front of computers. Thankfully, Apex Trading lets you take your work wherever you go and on your time. Place your orders, review invoices, check status, 24/7 from your phone, tablet, desk or laptop. So, the next time the beach, mountains or desert is calling, knock out your tasks while you're headed toward all the fun in the sun.

Want some more great news? Apex Trading is free for buyers with no hidden fees or markups. Plus, you’ll receive promos, deals and alerts from motivated sellers on the platform. And, you can track everything with robust reporting and analytics.

Whether you’re down south in San Diego, in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara or up north of San Francisco, Apex Trading can help you find the products you need while bringing new levels of efficiency to your store. Click below to create your free account or request a quick demo to learn more.

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