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Apex Trading has been helping Colorado’s wholesale cannabis buyers source products for years. Hundreds of dispensaries across the Centennial State rely on our streamlined ordering processes, accurate inventory, and standardized invoicing to help create efficiencies throughout their organizations.

Whether Colorado wholesale purchasers are after hot new products from the latest brands, or they’re just looking to make ordering the old standards easier, Apex Trading is at the ready. Features such as the Vendor Discovery or Wholesale Needs tools allow B2B cannabis buyers to find new sources for flower, extracts, edibles and more.

When looking for products, purchasing managers can search by price, potency, strain name, cultivar type, extraction method, trimming method, grow environment, ingredients and so much more. And if you can’t find what you’re after, the Wholesale Needs request module lets you post your needs for the entire Colorado market to see and fulfill. Further, built-in instant messaging lets you communicate and negotiate with sellers in real time. Know that the going rate for a particular product could be a bit lower? Just shoot the seller message and see if they’ll bit at that price.

Looking to make more time in your day for some of Colorado’s amazing weather and outdoor activities? Apex Trading works on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, so you can take your work with you, whether you’re out there bagging 14ers, hitting the slopes, or just enjoying a bit of sunshine.

You know what makes Apex Trading even better? It’s FREE for wholesale cannabis buyers. You heard that right. And, there are no fees or markups of any kind. Plus, you’ll receive deals, alerts and promos from B2B sellers, from Denver down to Colorado Spring, up to Fort Collins, and all the way out to the Easter Slope.

With dozens of Colorado brands offering a full spectrum of cannabis products, accurate inventory you can count on, standardized invoicing, net terms and various payment options and more, all for FREE, Apex Trading is just what you need. Create your free account or schedule a quick demo to learn more.

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