First Matter Premium Concentrates

First Matter manufactures premium concentrates. If the end product doesn't excite us, you won't find it under our label. High quality in a cannabis concentrate is a measure of two elements: Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Potency and Taste. At the First Matter labs, our extraction experts combine knowledge recorded by hash makers over thousands of years with breakthrough techniques in the modern industry to create premium concentrates. Our use of Sub-Zero extraction methods allows us to design products which balance taste and potency for the perfect cannabis experience. At First Matter, premium is the norm. All purchasers of First Matter product can expect a top of the line product in all categories. Much like a fine wine, the best concentrates are a result of good starting material and great process. Our sourcing team works with gardens from all over the state. Not relying on our own grow allows us to be selective over harvests, meaning we can find exotic strains and well known classics, all from quality harvests, to pass on to our fans in a First Matter concentrate. Our selection of garden partners has been hand-picked to emphasize cannabinoids and terpenes in a variety of preferred form.

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