World of Weed

WOWI LLC. was started in Colorado out of a passion to provide a high quality product to those that need it and be the crux of a follow on nationwide buildout of the World of Weed brand.  WOWI LLC began its humble roots in Pueblo with the build-out of a state of the art second generation greenhouse grow that took the best of the indoor hydroponic grow market and combine it with foresight and the use of a natural and organic methodology and out door natural light philosophy. We now operate 38 acres in Pueblo Colorado, the Napa Valley of cannabis nationally, and operate in a constant state of innovation and growth.  We pride ourselves on growing the highest quality cannabis with the most attention to detail and the quality of the plant throughout its life cycle.  WE DO NOT let the HUNT FOR HIGH THC or the fastest to market environment invade our search for the perfect harmony of the total benefits of our strains and the perfect end user experience.  

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