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The Sunshine State’s wholesale cannabis market is blazing with more and more flower, extracts and edibles being sold every day. Dispensaries from Pensacola down to Key West count on wholesale cannabis producers and cannabis brands to keep their shelves stocked for Floridian consumers. A key component to keeping the B2B Florida cannabis industry humming along is accurate inventory and order management. As a retailer purchasing manager, you don’t want to purchase products that have already been sold off of inaccurate, manual spreadsheets.

Thankfully, Apex Trading has worked in wholesale cannabis markets across the country and created the tools and processes retail buying managers need to run a smooth operation. What’s more, orders come with all the compliance documentation as well as detailed product descriptions and images for your online menus.

Sourcing products on Apex Trading is like a trip to Disneyworld - that is, there’s something for everyone. If you’re into one-on-one relationships with cannabis producers, Apex Trading gives you direct communication channels such as chat, Slack and email built right into the platform. That means, you can negotiate and work with the sellers to get the price that’s right for you. If you want to view easy-to-shop menus with pricing and products tailored to your needs, that’s there, too. And for the more traditional wholesale cannabis purchasing managers, Apex Trading even has a marketplace where you can compare brands and products, yet still have the ability to speak directly with the producers.

When it’s time to pay, Apex Trading offers an array of financing and payment tools to make wholesale cannabis transactions safer and more efficient. You’ll find options such as Pay Later with up to 90-day net terms. Also, the ACH feature lets you send cash by wire reducing the risk of putting cash on trucks, whether you're getting products sent to Jacksonville or Miami.

Further, Apex Trading offers a suite of analytics, reporting and task management tools to help you create efficiencies and guide your decisions. Whether you’d like to see your purchasing history with a specific wholesale cannabis vendor, check on order status, or assign work within your retail dispensary, Apex Trading’s software has you covered.

Finally, you’ll be as happy as a manatee knowing your Florida dispensary buyer account is FREE. That’s right, it costs you nothing to create a buyer account and start taking advantage of all Apex Trading has to offer.

If reliable, accurate inventory, images and descriptions, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, easy communication tools, streamlined ordering and processes, all for free sounds appealing to you, go ahead and create your free account, click around the site to learn more, or request a demo below.

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