JustinCredible Cultivation

JustinCredible Cultivation (JCC) focuses on organic derivative ingredients and high-quality growth. This gives our consumers a more home-grown based idea to a commercial grow. Using high quality equipment and the best practices, our grow will shine in the industry. We will grow the brand of JCC by focusing on product quality while using out 3-tier approach to our advantage. To be a great example of a small business entering into a market made for giants. Expanding rapidly while helping develop the community simultaneously is a long-term goal of our company. Changing the belief of cannabis use and educating the community will be on the forefront of our agenda while also upholding the standards/regulations of the state of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. In order to stay relevant in a market where our saturation is evident, we will remain a stand-alone cultivator, focusing on providing the best services and only one service. Most businesses are entering on a brand approach. We want to become the suppliers of all dispensaries and not become their competition.

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