Morning Dew Cultivars

Small independent, woman-owned and family run craft micro-garden located in the pioneer valley of western Massachusetts. Morning Dew Cultivars is an artisan producer of craft cannabis. We are an indoor micro-garden and curing library located in the scenic Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Our curated collection of cannabis genetics highlights signature terpene profiles and desirable flowering structures. Operating within a modest 2,500sqft canopy, our focus is quality over quantity. Our cultivation team is dedicated to producing trichome-drenched flowers. Our flower is 100% hand-trimmed and hand finished by our dedicated post-harvest team to preserve its high quality. Our top tier team is the driving force behind what makes Morning Dew stand out in the crowd. We are truly grateful for all that they do. Morning Dew is guided by our passion for the plant. We believe in empowering communities to discover and navigate their use of plant-based wellness, we’re committed to investing in a brighter future by addressing barriers to entry in legalized cannabis for those who have historically been disproportionately impacted by prohibition policies.

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