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Massachusetts wholesale cannabis buyers - look no further than Apex Trading to help find the products your customers want, streamline your ordering processes and create efficiencies throughout your organization, deliver pricing & market insights, and so much more.

Thousands of wholesale cannabis companies across the US trust Apex Trading’s software platform to help with their B2B commerce and businesses in Massachusetts are no different. When flower cultivators, extractors and edibles producers rely on spreadsheets to manage their products, inventory quickly gets out of sync and headaches arise.

Whether you’re in Boston, Springfield or anywhere in between, ordering on Apex Trading is straightforward, fast and easy. You’ll find loads of information about the products you want to put on your shelves such as strain type, extraction method, ingredients lists, cure method, trim method, terpene profiles, potency, images of the products, testing docs and much more. And, built-in instant messaging lets you speak directly to the sellers when you need to ask questions about products, discuss pricing, etc.

Can’t find what you need? Not an issue. We’ve created a Wholesale Needs feature that lets you put requests out to the entire Massachusetts market to help you find exactly what you or your retail clients are after.

With Apex Trading, you’re no longer tied to your desk when it’s time to find wholesale cannabis products for your store. You can easily shop, place orders, check order status, communicate with sellers and more, all from your phone, laptop or tablet. This means you’ll have more time to get out and enjoy everything from the beaches of Cape Cod to the rural areas of Western Mass.

These tools and features certainly make Apex Trading an essential part of your business, but you know what’s even better? The Apex Trading platform is free for buyers. That’s right, FREE! What’s more, you find any additional fees or markups. And, you’ll also find deals, alerts and promos from wholesale cannabis producers across the Bay State.

If shopping accurate inventory, having a standardized ordering process, consistent invoicing, direct channels of communication with sellers and so much more sounds like a good idea, please create your free account today or request a quick demo to learn more.

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