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L'Étoile du Nord’s cannabis industry is on the rise and Minnesota’s wholesale cannabis producers can expect it to be a wild ride. Whether you’re a cultivator in Minneapolis, an extracts processor in Saint Paul, or an edibles manufacturer in Rochester, you’re going to need the tools to ensure your products easily make it to the retail dispensaries throughout the North Star State. Not only that, but as all of the other cannabis markets in states across the US have shown, you’ll need technology on your side to keep your operations streamlined and your business competitive

From the get-go, you need to ensure your inventory is accurate, and working off of easily-outdated spreadsheets can quickly lead to expensive ordering errors and unhappy dispensary managers. Nothing is worse than expecting that huge order of pre-rolls only to find the brand you ordered from didn’t really have them in stock to sell you. Further, you want those orders backed up by standardized invoices with all the necessary compliance docs attached. And, dispensaries will love having access to product pictures and descriptions at their fingertips. Opening an email with all these goodies is like biting into a Juicy Lucy - stuffed with tasty goodness.

Fortunately for Minnesota’s hardworking cannabis producers and their retail counterparts, Apex Trading has been helping the industry with these challenges.for years. We’ve perfected inventory automation by building it from the group up, specifically for cannabis. Thousands of companies across the US trust us to ensure their inventory automatically adjusts when orders are created, modified or canceled not only preventing costly ordering errors, but also eliminating the need for reconciliation.

Yet, inventory and order management is just the foundation of Apex Trading’s suite of cannabis business management software tools ready to support Minnesota cannabis. You’ll find Metrc and Quickbooks integrations to help with seed to sale and accounting. Our robust reporting with product sales and performance, order reports, inventory reports, sales activity, samples conversions, and more goes deeper than Lake Superior. And when those standard reports won’t do the trick, you can easily create custom reports to get what you’re after. We have workflows to keep your teams on track and Slack integrations for streamlined communication. There’s a Dutchie integration and even an open API to connect to your other systems and software solutions.

Beyond this, Apex Trading believes you should own your brand and your brand experience. When you’re at a Twins or Vikings game, are you cheering for Target or US Bank Stadium? No! Same goes for the brand you worked hard to build. We don’t want retailers to think of us, we want them to think of your brand. That’s why we’ve created oodles of tools to do just that. You’ll have branded shoppable storefronts, branded emailable menus that come from your email address, all with custom pricing and products tailored to each of your retail clients. There’s also branded menu widgets to add to your website as well as a store locator to tell B2C customers where they can find your products, not only driving sales for you, but promoting the retailers who carry your products. We even built a marketplace, if you want to showcase your products alongside the competition.

Whether you're from the Twin Cities or way up near Leech Lake, what you’ll find most appealing about Apex Trading is customer service and support. From white-glovee onboarding and a dedicated account manager to our responsive tech support and helpful live chat, our commitment to you, your company, and cannabis is what drives us.

If you’re a wholesale cannabis buyer, you’ll be dancing and singing like Prince to learn your Apex Trading account is free. What’s more, the value we provide to wholesale cannabis sellers might be worth more than the entire Bob Dylan catalog. Well, that may be a stretch, but you get the picture. We built and designed the Apex Trading platform to help cannabis thrive and we’ve priced to help all operators in Minnesota be successful. Interested in learning more? Request a demo, below.

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