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From the Jersey Shore to Trenton and down to Cape May, purchasing wholesale cannabis for your dispensary is no longer a drag when Apex Trading is in the mix. Apex Trading has eliminated inaccurate spreadsheets and gives you real-time inventory, standardized invoicing, finance options, secure cash transfers and so much more.

Wholesale dispensary purchasing managers across the country are using Apex Trading to connect directly with cannabis brands. This type of communication lets both parties negotiate to get the best price possible for all. And for those who like to shop and compare across a wide variety of producers and products, the Apex Trading Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace is a space for finding products by price, quality and category from an array of cultivators, extractors and product manufacturers.

Once you’ve zeroed in on the right products from the right New Jersey brands for your store and it’s time to place your order, Apex Trading is ready to help with net terms when the vendor doesn’t offer them. Choose from net 30, net 60, even net 90, so you can keep the cash on hand for advertising, promotions, whatever your need.

When it comes to cash, Apex Trading also offers a solution for keeping those bags of money safe. Face it, cruising route 9 with wads of moolah can be risky, not only for the cash itself, but the people transporting it. Thankfully, Apex Trading offers wire transfers, which not only increases safety, but cleans up your accounting processes and reduces the cost of handling.

After your order is placed, you’ll find all of the requisite information attached to the standardized invoice, along with additional product details and images. That means you’ll have all the content you need for your online menus, along with any New Jersey-required documentation and no hassle of having to chase stuff down.

On top of that, our super-responsive customer service squad is there to help you find elusive products, resolve any issues that should arise, or just help you navigate the often-wild ride the wholesale cannabis industry can be. That’s because they’ve had years of experience in markets across the US. From the earliest emerging markets to the maturest ones in the country, they’ve been there and done that.

Oh, and did you know that your buyer account on Apex Trading is free. You got that right, free. We’d like to say it’s free because you’re in New Jersey and New Jersey folks are the coolest, but it’s actually free in any legal state cannabis market. So, if reliable, accurate inventory, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, a standarding ordering process, images and descriptions for your menu, financing options and more, all for free, sound like the way to go for your dispensary, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below.

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