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It doesn’t matter if you’ve made a right turn or left turn at Albuquerque, Apex Trading is available throughout the state to help you source New Mexico wholesale cannabis products. Apex Trading helps you streamline your ordering processes with standardized invoicing, required docs, financing options and much much more.

From Santa Fe down to Las Cruces and everywhere in between, Apex Trading helps you connect directly to wholesale cannabis producers across New Mexico. When you communicate directly with the brands, you’re able to negotiate and find the pricing sweet spot that’s right for everyone concerned. At the same time, some purchasing managers like shopping and comparing products, prices and potency across a spectrum of brands. That’s why Apex Trading built a wholesale cannabis marketplace to deliver an ecommerce-like purchasing experience. However you like it, Apex Trading has it.

After you’ve found the right products from the right cultivators, extractors or manufacturers, it’s time to place your order. But, if the cannabis brands you’d like to put in your stores don’t offer net terms not to worry. Apex Trading has a solution that sets you up with net 30, net 60 or even net 90 terms. With the extra cash on hand, you can sock it away, spend it on advertising, host an event or whatever your need is, you have the funds for it and the product, too.

Speaking of cash, another handy financial feature on Apex Trading is wire transfers. New Mexico roads, even Interstate 40 or 25, are relatively mellow, but a truck full of cash is a truck full of cash and that carries certains risks. No need to take that risk when you can easily wire the money right through the platform. Not only will this keep your dollars and staff, but it also cleans up your account process and reduces the cost of handling.

Once your terms are set and your order is placed, you’ll receive a clear record of the transaction along with all the necessary documentation as well as images and product descriptions for your online menus. Having all that info in one place with no need to chase it down is almost as wonderful as hatch chile season, almost.

While we’re talking about wonderful things, Apex Trading also has a wonderful team of customer service folks who are happy to be of help. Whether you need a hand tracking down a hard-to-find product or some advice on how the market might follow other more mature states, they’re there for you.

What’s all of this cost? Nothing. It’s FREE to create your buyer account and start using Apex Trading. So, if reliable, accurate inventory, one-stop shopping, pricing transparency, a standarding ordering process, images and descriptions for your menu, financing options and more, all for free, sound like the way to go for your dispensary, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below.

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