Our goal at Flowersmith is to perpetuate wellbeing and quality of life. We started Flowersmith because we wanted to create jobs that we felt passionate about going to every day. Backed by the local Eugene community, our business was built from the ground up and evolved to make our dream a reality. Our success has allowed us to create a better lifestyle for everyone involved in Flowersmith, from the consumers of our products to the employees that help run our farm. Because we are a small crew, we are able to oversee every aspect of our gardens, from seed to hand trimmed flower. We put our hands in the dirt every day and know exactly what’s going into our products; therefore, we can proudly stand behind them when they enter the market. Flowersmith plants are never treated with harsh pesticides or chemicals, and are fed nothing but earth-based goodness. Much of our fertility is generated from our in-house earthworms and hand turned compost. We believe that creating the ideal indoor garden environment, as well as a biologically active soil, is the best way to highlight the natural flavor, aroma, and potency of our cannabis plants.

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