Garden First Cannabis

At Garden First, we believe in doing things a certain way. We feel like success will come by putting the "Garden First" in every decision we make. By living by this philosophy and never cutting corners, we feel we are able to produce some of the most consistent and quality indoor flower in Oregon. This philosophy influences how we treat our staff because we feel like their well being, success, and happiness is directly correlated to the way our plants perform. This is why our minimum wage is $15/hr + bonuses, we pay 100% of all our staffs health insurance, and work with local dispensaries to get them our flower at production cost. This philosophy influences how we work with our clients, because we couldn't do what we do without them and their teams. This is why we always maintain fair pricing, stand behind our products with exchanges and discounts, and prioritize people who prioritize us and align with our values. This philosophy influences how we interact with our community because we feel changing the paradigm around how people view cannabis is imperative to the long term success of our industry having a positive influence on as many people as possible. This is why we donate at least 1% of our proceeds to environmental charities, and sponsor our staff to do the same by reimbursing their volunteer hours. We hope our products inspire you as much as they do us, and help everyone put their "Garden's" first.

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