Noble Farms

We are a small, family owned, boutique craft cannabis producer located in Eagle Creek near the Clackamas river. We started growing medically under OMMP in the early 2000s. We grow indoors under laboratory type conditions where we are able to maximize the genetic potential of the plant. Don't let the word laboratory fool you. Unlike warehouse grows we use old school techniques and small plant counts to give each plant the attention she deserves! After extensive flushing, we harvest at the peak of ripeness. We vine-ripen and then hand trim the flower in our famous "cannabis humidor". Once trimmed our flower spends at least 2 additional weeks in glass jars curing until it is delivered to your local dispensary. We believe that this time consuming process gives the flower a better visual appearance, aroma, and keeps the valuable THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids intact. We have been featured in Oregon Leaf Pages 52-54 We are constantly pheno hunting new cultivars and consistently have genetics generally unavailable elsewhere in the state. Our newest genetics come from some of the top breeders in the world. Some of our current pheno hunts include: Royal Wedding, VVS CHEM, Orange Apricot, Grape 33, Noble Grape Juice, Tire Fire, Rainbow Belts, Kitchen Sink, MAC Nasty, Sunset MAC, Nilla Wafer, Sunburn, and more.. Our legacy strains are Blueberry Kush, Jack Herer. These have been with us since the OMMP days. We are partial to these because of their pleasant, fruity aroma, amazing terpene profile, smooth smoke, and wonderful experience that takes us back in time.. Our Goal: To maintain a consistent supply of boutique craft cannabis that exceeds the expectations of our customers and fans. We are working to grow a socially conscious company with happy employees, push advancements in our growing technique, and build quality long term relationships with our industry partners as well as the fans of our products. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing and exciting time for cannabis in our state and country! Find Out More: Insta @NobleFarmsOR @NobleFarmsHydro

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