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We’re driven by greatness, and quality is our legacy. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest professional quality standards in the service and products we provide for our customers and partners, even as we experiment and evolve to reach new heights. Our company is powered by a diverse and multi-disciplinary team, and our unique and picturesque strains are consistently acclaimed. Our family and our flower have won dozens of awards, including 14 High Times Cannabis Cups. We’re also a forward-thinking, ethically-run, ecologically-conscious business cultivating an entirely new cannabis culture that is mindful of our communities and our planet. We divert waste and reduce reliance on pesticides through more sustainable growing practices. After each harvest, we donate our nutrient-rich soil to organic community farms fostering local food security. Our business and our values are rooted proudly in Oregon. We run one of the biggest indie grows in the state, the largest in the Portland Metro Area, and our flower is now sold in over 75 shops in addition to our boutique destination store in Forest Grove. Our Story Our story begins in 2015, when CEO and founder Art Boyd was one of the first leaders in the cannabis space to request a license to operate in Oregon. Art cut his teeth in the industry working in Colorado, and brought his cutting-edge technical knowledge to the emerging sector here. In 2016, he broke ground two of the first legitimate cannabis businesses in the region: our Forest Grove dispensary—the first cannabis retail destination in the city and one of the first in the state—and our indoor grow house, now one of the largest independent grow operations in Oregon, and the largest in the Portland metro area. We’ve since scaled with care—expanding our capacity to produce, cultivate, and serve our community while remaining a locally-rooted business and close-knit corporate family. We’re high-tech but remain high-touch and hand-crafted. We leverage tech to innovate, but we still hand-water and monitor our plants in person to ensure the highest quality product.

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