Three Rivers Cannabis

All Natural Connoisseur Craft Cannabis Here at Three Rivers we take pride in our procurement in the highest quality cuts the industry has to offer. Paul and Shawn are cousins that operate Three Rivers Cannabis and come from a large family of farmers. Their grandparents moved from sunny southern California to Eastern Washington in the early 70’s to grow alfalfa on over 600 acres. Summers were never boring and the winter couldn’t come soon enough some years. Now there isn’t a winter break as they operate a perpetual indoor garden every day of the year and a seasonal outdoor with the help of an amazing staff that includes two other family members. Paul’s mother had called upon them to take over the garden in early 2019 and with a few upgrades to the back half of her 6 acre property, on the far side of her enormous koi pond, is a two story building now producing connoisseur craft cannabis indoor and out that is always hand watered, hand trimmed, hand selected and pesticide free.

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