State of the Western States Wholesale Cannabis Market

With Croptober booming out west, downward pressure on wholesale cannabis prices continues to beleaguer our industry. This MJBiz article provides some solid info and insight on how prices compare to last year, how the harvest is progressing, whether we’re facing any major challenges during the harvest, how yields are coming in and what it’s like selling in the current market.

Growers: Western marijuana prices are down amid strong harvest, despite high demand
Published October 24, 2018 | By Bart Schaneman

The marijuana harvest is underway and growers in several western states are reporting a bumper crop, but it’s coming at a time when supplies already are abundant and MJ prices are falling by double-digit percentages in some markets.

Growers in five states with medical and recreational cannabis markets also report that consumer demand is strong. But it’s not strong enough to soak up the glut of product (go to the article

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