How to Steer Clear of Cannabis Founder Burnout With the Right Support System – John Manlove & Rob Fess Join the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast

John and Rob we’re excited and delighted to join Roland Siebelink of on the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast. During the conversation, they talked about how far the wholesale cannabis industry has come, and also covered some of the challenges cultivators, extractors and dispensaries alike still face today.

Further, John delved into his experiences with another cannabis startup and the lessons he learned around the dangers of a CEO burning out. What’s more, John and Rob spoke about their company’s “plant-first” mentality and how they think about the plant, its history. and those that have fought to bring it to legal markets when making decisions. This, they say, shines through in everything they do, from the way they build their software, to the partnerships they foster, and the people they hire.

Finally, the two touched on the importance of co-founder relationships and how a deep level of trust and truly understanding one another is so key to a company’s success. Check it all out right here – Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast

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