Apex Trading Proudly Sponsor’s The Cultivation Classic – “The Most Scientifically Rigorous Cannabis Competition on Earth”

If you’re involved with the Oregon wholesale cannabis industry and you haven’t heard of the Cultivation Classic, you may want to slow down a bit on those medical blackout bar edibles. The competition started in 2016 and is now considered by many in the cannabis industry to be the premier bud judging cup event in the great state of Oregon and also “the most scientifically rigorous cannabis competition on earth.” 

This intense and demanding contest pits Oregon cannabis farms, with indoor and outdoor divisions, against each other in categories such as  Most Credible Cultivar, The Nose Knows, Ladies’ Choice, Silver Fox Favorite and Outstanding Terpene Intensity. This year, Apex Trading is honored to be the sponsor of the Outstanding Terpene Diversity category.

The Cultivation Classic team has assembled a panel of 150 judges to assess entrants in each of the categories. Each judge is given a blinded kit – no strain name, no producer name and no potency levels are associated with the flower – and they have 30+ days to evaluate the sample for aroma and experience. The judges’ findings are combined with information from the Resource Innovation Institute PowerScore to determine winners in the standard categories. There are also judgements for standout terpene profiles and amazing aroma and cross-judge evaluation of effects. Looking at the entries from these multiple angles helps give a well-rounded look at both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the cannabis. All flower entered into the competition must pass all state compliance tests for pesticides, water activity and moisture. Learn more about the Cultivation Classic and follow all the action at the Willamette Weed.

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