What the Future Holds for Cannabis in 2021 from MJ Brand Insights

This time of year, you can often find articles predicting what the coming 365 days will bring. These articles can be as generic as a tabloid horoscope or as insightful as a business prospectus. This brief, yet informative piece from MJ Brand Insights leans heavily toward the later, yet delivers it in easily-digestible nuggets of prophecy from some of the cannabis industry’s top movers and shakers. You’ll find everything from expected consolidations to social justice reforms and much more with this casting of the bones.

One of our favorite prognosis themes comes from both Marji Chimes, Chief Marketing Officer of Coda Signature and George Jage, CEO of Jage Media, That is, live events will be back in 2021 – we really miss seeing and partying with everyone.

Read the article here.

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