Using the Word “Wholesale” When Searching Google for Cannabis Business Tools

Finding information online for helping your cannabis business isn’t always easy. For example, the top three results for the simple Google search “improve my cannabis business” are “So You Want to Start a Cannabis Business,” “4 Key Tips To Build A Successful Cannabis Business,” and “Examples of Cannabis-related Business Ideas.” All of these could be helpful for the person hoping to start a cannabis business, but don’t really get to the point of improving your cannabis business.

Now, try that same search again – “improve my cannabis business”, but, this time, include the word wholesale, so “improve my wholesale cannabis business” and voila, your top three results are “Michigan Wholesale Cannabis Software Platform Simplified,” “4 Things Your Distributor Want You to Know,” and “6 ideas for Increasing Profitability – Cannabis Business Times.” Continue on down the “Improve my wholesale cannabis business” search results page and you’ll find plenty of other results that lean way more toward improving an existing cannabis business such as “How to Price Your Cannabis and Cannabis Products for Profit.”

Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding a word to your online search that makes all the difference. In this case, “wholesale” really helps get to the meat of wholesale cannabis business tools, industry-related information, and a host of other pertinent information.

We hope you found this short article on wholesale cannabis searching helpful. To learn more about our inventory management, order management and sales tools, request a quick demo here.  

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