Cannabis Industry Book Review – The Case of the Overcomplicated Bong

Even though working in the cannabis industry is the best and you’re wholly devoted to helping your wholesale cannabis software business, as well as all of the cultivators, extractors, edibles manufacturers and retailers, thrive, there are times when you want to slack off a bit, even when you should be knocking out tasks on your to-do list. When that feeling overwhelms you, sometimes a good book is just what you need. Enter “The Case of the Overcomplicated Bong” by Chroniclyn Keef.

This powerful and informative read is part of the 420: Nancy Drew Ruined Mysteries series. Actually, it may be the only book in that series, but nonetheless, it’s a great way to escape the wholesale cannabis industry, if for only a short while.

The story begins at a non-descript cannabis event – it could be anything from an Indo Expo or an National Cannabis Industry Association roundtable to something as grand as MJ Unpacked or MJBizCon, it’s really kind of hard to say, though that could be because of the really potent strain wafting around the room right now.

Anyway, Nancy has been undercover working at a local Portland dispensary, or maybe it was a Denver dispensary, doesn’t really matter, but they have amazing top-shelf bud. She gets the nod from her intake manager to hit the cannabis trade show, or was it a cup event? Sorry, so she goes with a few of her new-found budtender friends and has a blast. Nancy quickly realizes that it’s great working as a cannabis professional, but also being a whip-smart, junior detective, she knows there has to be a way to make dispensary work easier. That’s when she gets her first clue – a standardized cannabis invoice from a savvy indoor grower. With a little research (really, just looking at the bottom of the email), she sees that the document is “powered by Apex Trading.”  

Now on the case, Nancy starts digging into the details of Apex Trading and discovers wholesale cannabis producers who use it are much easier to deal with. Their inventory is always accurate. They never have to chase down COAs, testing, or any other documentation. Ordering is super straightforward and she can quickly communicate with cannabis brands using Apex Trading, thanks to their internal chat. In general, she finds the people using Apex to help with inventory, order and sales management are simply cooler than everyone else.

Nancy’s intake manager gives her a huge promotion when the dispensary was desperate for some low-cost ounce specials they needed for their upcoming 420 deals and she saves the day. Nancy used Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis marketplace and wholesale needs request tools to find just the right growers to supply quality weight at an economical price. She then realized that without Apex Trading, being a cannabis buyer for a retail shop was like an overcomplicate bong, but with Apex Trading, it was like a finely-crafted piece of glass that hits like Barry Bonds and you’d be proud to show your friends. After that, Nancy encouraged all smart wholesale cannabis producers to get on Apex Trading. She said that not only was it the easiest, best way to do work in wholesale cannabis, but also that it was economical, the staff was responsive and friendly, and the company truly believed in the plant.

If you’d like to learn more about how Apex Trading can help your business with inventory, order and sales management to win the hearts of people like Nancy Drew, we encourage you to shoot us an email, schedule a quick demo, or read more at

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