Oregon 420 Wholesale Cannabis Deals, Promos and Special for 2022

420, or April 20th, is a big day for the Oregon cannabis industry. Legends and lore surround the reason for the date’s association to cannabis. Some say it has to do with law enforcement code numbers and “420” being tied to the now-mostly-outdated calls concerning our beloved and accepted plant. Other tales tell of college students meeting at 4:20 in the afternoon to search for a mythic grow near their campus.

Regardless of the origin, 4/20 and the surrounding days mean big sales for wholesale cannabis producers and their retail dispensary counterparts throughout Oregon. Cultivators, extractors and manufacturers, from Portland down to Medford, Astoria across to Pendleton and everywhere in between have bumped up production to cover the 420 season. The Beaver State’s favorite dispensaries have been securing flower, cartridges, extracts and edibles for their customers at the best prices they can find. And, consumers from Salem to Bend, Eugene to Coos Bay are searching for those fire 420 deals. 

Across the Apex Trading Oregon Marketplace – wholesale cannabis buyers click here – retail intake managers will find loads of cannabis products at great prices for their deal-hungry clientele. And in case you’re a wholesale cannabis buyer looking for some 420 savings to pass on, here are some special offers from just a few of the great Oregon cannabis brands you’ll find on Apex Trading.

For a limited time only, Crop Shop Cannabis out of Bend, Oregon is chopping $420/lb off of their A bud.  Click here or on the image to visit the Crop Shop Cannabis profile page to connect directly with the brand.

Decibel Farms is helping create 420 buzz with all of their Bassline Prerolls at $4.17, Loud Carts at $12.50 and Forte Live Rosin at $12.50. Click here or on the image to visit the Decibel Farms profile page to connect directly with the brand.

Oregon KGB has Acapulco Gold – a timeless classic – coming in at 20.17% THC for just $700/lb! That’s $100 off the normal $800/lb. Click here or on the image to visit the Oregon KGB profile page to connect directly with the brand.

If you’re an Oregon wholesale cannabis producer looking for cost-effective, simple and straightforward ways to manage your inventory, orders and sales processes while reducing operating costs, we encourage you to check out the Seller Page here to learn more. Or, get right to it and Request a Demo here.

If you’re an Oregon cannabis retailer and want a fast, easy and free way to source products with standardized invoicing, order history, easy-to-download product images and descriptions, as well as a team of support staff always ready to please, we encourage you to create your free account here today.

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