Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Data Snapshot – September 2022

In the pursuit of knowledge, data is “a collection of discrete values that convey information, describing quantity, quality, fact, statistics, other basic units of meaning or simply sequences of symbols that may be further interpreted.” In wholesale cannabis, data can help us select the right products to produce and/or sell. It can also help us price and purchase the products with the knowledge that both wholesale buyers and sellers are getting and giving a good deal.

In our free September 2022 data snapshots, you can get visibility into national and state-specific market pricing trends at the wholesale level. The September reports include minimum and maximum listings prices, average selling prices, as well as breakdowns of pricing for Bulk Flower, Extracts, Prerolls and Carts.

Below, you’ll find state-specific links to the September 2022 Massachusetts and Oregon snapshots as well as a link to the national cannabis sales snapshot. These are static glimpses at the data, however we feel you’ll find value in them along with a better understanding what’s going on your wholesale cannabis market.

We truly hope you get something out of these free snapshots. If you’d like to learn more about Apex Trading, the data and how our inventory, order and sales management software is helping thousands of wholesale cannabis producers and retailers across the country, we encourage to schedule a call or sign up up for demo.

Here are those links:

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Massachusetts September 2022

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Oregon September 2022

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – National September 2022

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